Roxanne O'Brien Troke - Head Birch in Charge

Roxanne is a lifelong vegetarian and has been a vegan for over 5 years. She has a passion for all things vegan and completed the Rouxbe School of Cooking's Plant Based Pro certification program. Realizing that there is life beyond cubicle walls, Roxanne decided to pursue her dream of opening a vegan food business.

Likes: Cats, Moscow mules, vegan cheese, running, tiki drinks

Dislikes: people who chew loudly, bigots, wearing jeans

Neil Beauregard - Mr. Birch

Neil is the head BIC at Birch Cafe - that's head baker in chief. He has a knack for veganizing recipes, a wicked golf swing, and frequently reenacts scenes from The Lion King with his cat, Darwin.  


Likes: Golf, dessert, watching football, running

Dislikes: People who take their dogs everywhere with them, swans

Peggy O'Brien - Mama Birch 


Peggy has been a vegetarian since before Roxanne was born and is now a vegan. She is currently battling stage III breast cancer. When she's feeling well enough, you might just talk to her if you place a phone order or she might be making your drinks. 

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